May training schedule

The lighter nights are here, meaning Thursday nights on the canal, at the Peel and Rosemount! All levels of runners welcome. All coached sessions meet at Lowport and start at 19.30 except for track nights which are at Grangemouth Stadium, also at 19.30.

  • Thursday 2 May - 4 x 5 min Canal reps with David

  • Tuesday 7 May - Track - 6 x 400 @ 3k, 8 x 200 @ 1.5k with Frances

  • Thursday 9 May - Hill Loops at Rosemount Park with David

  • Thursday 16 May - Track - 3 x (4 x 400m) @5k with Frances

  • Thursday 23 May - Monofartlek on the Peel with David

  • Thursday 30 May - Handicap Race with Alison

Weekly update: a weekend of marathon mileage for Linlithgow AC

Frances and Alex Wood got the weekend running started at 3k on the Green on Friday. A first at the distance for both - Frances finishing in 13:17 and Alex in 14:59.

On Saturday, the Club had 3 runners at the Highland Fling ultra trail marathon. The race follows the first 53 miles of the West Highland Way footpath from Milngavie to Tyndrum going from smooth hard-packed man-made paths, to undulating runnable sections, to technical rock and tree roots - not for the faint hearted! All 3 successfully finished (plenty didn’t), Paul Dudchenko in 11:35:46, Kenny Gray in 11:58:46, and Bryan Grome in 14:18:55

There were 13 Linlithgow runners at the Stirling Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday.

In the marathon, the Club’s women’s team made up of Rosemary Gallagher, Alison Malone and Karen Outram placed 2nd in the team medals. Rosemary was the first LAC woman home in 03:35:29 followed by Alison in 03:44:36 (a new PB) and Karen in 03:49:40 (also a PB). For the men, David Dalmau was first home in 02:58:11 (a new PB) finishing 24th overall, followed by Scott Cumming in 04:22:46 and Darren Robertson in 05:34:45. 

In the half marathon, Lynne McGill was first home for the women in 01:35:43 (a new PB), followed by Kathryn Holm in 01:41:17, Claire Rice in 01:45:47 (a new PB) and Alison Marshall in 01:52:02. For the men, Ian Boxall finished in 01:34:57, Jude Moir in 01:38:19 and David Main-Reade in 01:42:40.

Also on Sunday, the Club had 3 runners amongst the 42,500 runners at the 39th London Marathon  - including someone dressed as Big Ben! The Club ballot place winner, Charlotte Moran finished in 03:55:18, John Smith in 03:07:05 and hot on the heels of Calum Hawkins, John Redding in 02:51:04.

At Livingston AC's Grand Prix event on Sunday, Club Junior members, Finnegan Guest, Alistair Mitchell and Emma Mitchell, took part in sprint, shot put, long jump and relay race.

Finally, at parkrun, the Club had 12 runners at 7 different runs.

The biggest turnout was at Falkirk where Lorna Simpson was first home for Linlithgow finishing in 23:12, then Ian Boxall in 23:32, Jill Horsburgh in 24:32 and Roddy Simpson in 24:33. At Livingston, William Millar finished in 19:33 and was the fastest Linlithgow runner this week. Elsewhere, Scott Hyslop finished Edinburgh in 20:23, followed by Frances Wood in 22:51 and Alex Wood in 25:46. At Lochend Woods, Graeme Wilkinson finished in 25:12. On the parkrun tourism trail, Neil Anderson ran Crathes Castle in 22:08, Mandy Cazes ran Bushy in 23:36 and David Main-Reade ran Aachener Weiher, Germany in 22:52.

Weekly update: The Good Run, Spring Triathlon Festival and parkrun results

On Friday, Michael O’Hara got the Easter weekend running underway at the The Good Run. The run takes place in picturesque grounds of St. Anne’s Park, Raheny in Dublin. The event also lives up to it’s name with proceeds raised from the event going towards supporting research the fight against Motor Neurone Disease, a worthy cause.

At parkrun on Saturday, the Club had 15 runners across 5 different runs. Sam Marshall was the fastest Linlithgow runner this week finishing Edinburgh in 19:25. Also at Edinburgh, Scott Hyslop finished in 20:52, Frances Wood in 23:09 (1st FV60), Scott Cumming in 25:06, Alex Wood in 26:31 and Louisa Cockburn in 27:34. At Falkirk, Ian Boxall finished in 20:43, Mandy Cazes in 24:52 and Roddy Simpson in 25:40. At Livingston, William Millar finished in 19:32, Lorna Simpson in 22:34, Jill Horsburgh in 23:47 and Malcolm Hughes in 24:46. Elsewhere, Mairi Watts was 2nd female overall at Loch Leven finishing in 19:53 and Neil Anderson ran Lochend Woods in 22:42.

On Sunday, John Redding took part in Triathlon Scotland’s spring triathlon festival in the historic coastal setting of St Andrews, Fife. The sprint format included a 750m pool swim at East Sands Leisure Centre, a 20-23km scenic cycle finishing with a 5km run. John finished a fantastic 3rd overall in 01:16:20.

Weekly update: Round the Houses 10k, Livingston Half Marathon and parkrun results

At parkrun, the Club had 8 runners at 3 different runs. At Edinburgh, Darren Dick finished in 21:56, Bryan Grome in 27:46 and Graham Chambers in 31:23. At Livingston, David Main-Reade finished in 22:36, William Millar in 22:39, and Malcolm Hughes in 24:27. The fastest Linlithgow runner this week was Gary Welsh at Elgin who ran with his son Lucas, finishing in 21:43 and 23:00, respectively.

On Sunday, 22 Linlithgow AC runners ran the Round the Houses 10k in Grangemouth - a second opportunity in April to earn Club Championship points. A notoriously fast, flat race, there were top 10 finishes for: Roddy Simpson 1st V70; Frances Wood 2nd V60; John Redding 4th V40; Susie Porteous 6th V45 and Alex Wood 8th V65.

First home for the Club was John Redding in 34:50, followed by Colin Sumpter in 39:26, Michael Watts in 40:14, Scott Hyslop in 41:45, Paul Dudchenko in 42:04, Paul Emery in 42:10, Jude Moir in 43:11, Kathryn Holm in 45:11 (a new PB), Charlotte Moran in 46:56, Kirsty Oliver in 47:19, Ian Lockhart in 47:25, Frances Wood in 48:07, Claire Rice in 48:09 (a new PB), Susie Porteous in 48:24, Mandy Cazes in 49:15, Louisa Cockburn in 49:51, Katryna McLeod in 50:33, Roddy Simpson in 50:37, Scott Cumming in 51:51, Alex Wood in 54:27, Isobel Lockhart in 58:11, Graham Chambers in 65:43 and Maggy Noble in 68:36.

Photo credit: Paul Dudchenko and G-Bax photography.

Also at Grangemouth were members of Let’s Go Linlithgow Jogscotland, who ran with Jogleaders Alex Wood and Roddy Simpson from the Club. The group started the couch-to-5K last October and moved on to a 5-to-10K in January this year. A great achievement in completing the Round the House 10K and a great example of what can be achieved as part of a running group.

Elsewhere on Sunday, David Main-Reade couldn’t get enough of running the hard trails and tarmac paths of Livingston, by running the Livingston Half Marathon, finishing in 01:43:35.

Members of Let's Go Linlithgow with Roddy and Alex.

Members of Let's Go Linlithgow with Roddy and Alex.

Weekly update: Chacefield Wood Trail Series, Manchester Marathon and parkrun results

Scott Hyslop

Scott Hyslop

On Thursday, Scott Hyslop ran the first race in Chacefield Wood Trail Series. A series of races of increasing distance, the first was a tough, hilly 6km route. Scott finished in 31:38 (23rd of 110 runners).

At parkrun, the Club had 9 runners at 5 different runs. The biggest turnout was at Falkirk where Kenny Gray was first home in 19:54, Ian Boxall in 21:06, Roddy Simpson in 24:16 and Alex Wood in 28:01. Fastest Linlithgow runner was Livingston, where William Millar finished  in 19:48. Elsewhere, Mandy Cazes ran Tollcross in 25:25, Neil Anderson ran Ormeau, Belfast, in 21:10. At Lochend Woods, Ian Fyfe finished in 21:33 and Jill Horsburgh in 24:47.

On Sunday, Paul Ward ran the Manchester Marathon. A fast (the overall winner finished in 02:21:34!), flat route took runners south west of the city centre before looping back to the finish near Old Trafford. Paul finished in 03:49:33.

April training schedule

Spring is sprung and we've another month of training for you! All levels of runners welcome. All coached sessions meet at Lowport and start at 19.30 except for track nights which are at Grangemouth Stadium, also At 19.30.

  • Tuesday 2 April - Track. 2 x 800, 4 x 400 @3k - Frances

  • Thursday 4 April - Palace Hill Reps - David

  • Thursday 11 April - 4 x 6 min Canal reps - David

  • Thursday 18 April - Track. 400 8 12 12 8 4 @10k - Frances

  • Thursday 25 April - Handicap Race - summer route - Alison


Weekly update: Across trail, road and hills - a wonderful weekend of running for LAC!

Forget Super Saturday, Linlithgow AC had a Wonderful Weekend of running with 28 runners from the Club at events across the Central Belt and Perthshire, and not to forget, parkrun. A total of 342.2 miles over two days.

Bryan Grome got the bumper weekend of running underway on Saturday at the John Muir Way Ultra race in East Lothian. The 50km route takes in iconic coastline from Port Seaton promenade to Foxlake Adventures, near Dunbar. Bryan finished in 05:56:53. Especially impressive after his marathon efforts last weekend!

In Perthshire, Jill Horsburgh ran the Birnam hill race. A tough start involving an ascent of approx. 1300 ft in just over 4 miles, but once the hard work was done the remaining miles were a delight. Jill finished in 51:44 (a new PB too).

At parkrun, the Club had 7 runners at 4 different runs. The biggest turnout was at Falkirk where Ian Fyfe was first home in 21:23, then Ian Boxall in 21:56, Kenny Gray in 24:28 and David Reade in 26:19. Neil Anderson was the fastest Linlithgow runner this week, finishing Queen’s Park, Belfast in 20:29 (5th overall). Elsewhere, Jill Horsburgh finished Perth in 24:04 (2nd PB of the weekend) and Scott Hyslop finished Portobello in 21:09.

On Sunday, 17 Linlithgow runners completed the Alloa Half Marathon, Clackmannanshire. An ever popular race and a chance to earn valuable Club Championship points, runners enjoyed near perfect conditions with blue skies and cool temperatures.

First home was Colin Sumpter in 01:30:05 closely followed by Steven Laurie in 01:30:29. Paul Dudchenko finished in 01:32:46, Angus Gallie in 01:34:50, Paul Emery in 01:35:10, Trevor Golloway in 01:36:27, Gerry McArdle 01:36:04, Ian Boxall in 01:37:30, Jennifer Newton in 01:44:17, Charlotte Moran in 01:44:05, Mandy Cazes 01:46:25, David Main-Reade in 01:48:01, Claire Rice in 01:48:30 (a new PB), Ian Lockhart in 01:49:56, Scott Cumming 01:57:12, Roddy Simpson in 02:00:00 and Katryna McLeod in 02:01:53.

At the 57th Tom Scott Memorial road race in Strathclyde Country Park the Club had 4 runners. The race was also host to the Scottish and West District 10 mile Scottish Championships. First home for the Club was Colin Hutcheon in 01:09:44. Frances Wood finished in 01:19:35, winning the F60 Gold Medal in the Scottish Championships. Alison Marshall finished in 01:23:55 and Alex Wood in 01:31:59.

In Melrose, Michael O’Hara and Martin Maginnis ran the Trimontium XI hill race. The route took runners along the picturesque river tweed, forest trails and across the 3 Eildon hills before finishing next to Melrose Abbey. Michael finished 15th overall in 01:36:41 followed by Martin in 16th finishing in 01:38:28 despite both getting lost on a few occassions and almost losing a shoe!

Time for a well-earned rest.

Club Championship Update - March

This weekend sees a regular on our Club Championship calendar in the Alloa Half Marathon and for some marks the start of the road running season. Good luck to all LAC athletes competing.

Since the National XC champs in February, a number of LAC athletes have been putting times down for marathons and half marathons and heading into Alloa, the current standings can be seen below. Spring marathon season is upon us so expect to see this change from race to race.

You can still can still share your best 10k or 5k time of 2018 to be included in the handicap competition (this applies to the same races but times adjusted for an individual’s pace). Remember there are prizes up for grabs.

The handicap standings will be updated after Alloa this weekend.

Championship standings as it stands:


  1. Martin Maginnis (198)

  2. Neil Anderson (187)

  3. John Redding (100)

  4. Michal Sroka (100)

  5. Ian Boxall (99)

  6. Paul Dudchenko (99)

  7. Malcolm Hughes (99)

  8. Kenny Gray (98)

  9. David Maine-Reade (98)

  10. Michael Watts (97)


  1. Rosemary Gallagher (195)

  2. Karen Outram (100)

  3. Marta Sroka (100)

  4. Mairi Watts (100)

  5. Lorna Simpson (99)

  6. Frances Wood (98)

  7. Mandy Cazes (97)

  8. Rebecca Evans (95)

  9. Alison Marshall (94)

Weekly update: Linlithgow women take bronze medal at Scottish Road Relay Championships

On Sunday, the Club had 3 women’s teams running at the Scottish Road Relay Championships in Livingston - a record turnout for the Club. The race involved four legs for the women over laps of 3.1 and 5.8 miles. The race route was varied including cinder paths, muddy riverside trails, a short section of road and a helter-skelter bridge (!) along with high winds and rain for good measure.

The Club’s Masters team (over 40s) of Frances Wood, Jennifer Newton, Rebecca Evans and Lorna Simpson finished in a time of 2:15:33 placing them 3rd in the F40 category (25th of 32 complete teams overall). The Club’s second complete team of Louisa Cockburn, Alison Marshall, Kirsty Oliver and Mandy Cazes placed 28th in 2:21:49. Finally, Siobhan Coleman, Mairi Watts and Lynne McGill made up an incomplete team, covering three legs in 1:18:04.

Also on Sunday, Bryan Grome and Neil Anderson ran a wet and wild Loch Katrine Marathon. Neil finished in 4:01:50 and Bryan finished in 4:53:40 (a new PB for the route by 5mins).

At the Gartmorn 6 race (also Sunday) the Club was represented by Trevor Galloway and Ian Fyfe. The pre-race build-up was focused on the much anticipated post-race baking, 10/10 by all accounts. The race itself was mostly a trail, round the Gartmorn Dam, next to Alloa and Sauchie. Trevor finished in 42:40 closely followed by Ian in 43:15.

At parkrun Linlithgow had 13 runners across 7 runs.

The biggest Linlithgow contingent was at Falkirk where Scott Hyslop finished in 21:36, Jennifer Newton in 22:49, Roddy Simpson in 24:28 and Hannah Danson in 30:59. The fastest Linlithgow runner this week was William Millar, finishing Livingston in 20:12. Elsewhere, Ian Fyfe ran Linwood in 23:33, Graeme Wilkinson ran Meadowmill finishing in 24:52. At Lochend Woods, David Reade finished in 24:03, Mandy Cazes in 24:39. Neil Anderson ran Plean finishing in 22:55. At Edinburgh, Charlotte Moran finished in 23:23, Alex Wood in 26:54 and Graham Chambers in 30:06.

Photo credit: Bobby Gavin, Scottish Athletics official photographer and Neil Renton.

Weekly update: parkrun milestone, D33 Ultra, Mighty Deerstalker and the Lisbon Half Marathon

Another busy week for Linlithgow AC was kicked-off at parkrun on Saturday where Kenny Gray achieved an impressive milestone by  completing his 250th parkrun, finishing Falkirk in 23:53. Kenny first got into running through Falkirk parkrun and was at the first ever event back in 2011. His first finishing time was 27:58 but has since brought this down by some way to 18:45. But it’s not all been about running, Kenny has also volunteered at Falkirk 70 times including a spell on the organising team. A great achievement, well done.

Also at Falkirk parkrun this week was Ian Boxall who finished in 21:24 (6th overall and fastest Linlithgow runner this week), and Roddy Simpson who finished in 26:42. Elsewhere, David Reade ran Edinburgh in 25:04. At Livingston, William Millar finished in 21:57. Mandy Cazes ran Fort William in 26:52 (4th female overall) and Neil Anderson ran Meadow Mill in 22:54.

In Aberdeen, Marta Sroka ran the D33 Ultra race, some pretty tough conditions including sleet, snow and high winds made for a gruelling run - and not a single hill steep enough to justify walking! Marta finished in 05:09:38.

On Saturday evening, Gary Welsh was in Innerleithen for the notorious Mighty Deerstalker night race or as it was known on Saturday, the mudstalker. The route takes runners across rivers, through forests and over a mountain. Gary survived, finishing in 02:02:57.  

Malcolm Hughes was in Portugal on Sunday to run the Lisbon Half Marathon. The race started on the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge giving runners some spectacular views of the city. Conditions were, not surprisingly, dry and warm with a light breeze. Malcolm finished in 01:39:00.

Weekly update: Balloch to Clydebank and Inverness Half Marathons, Barcelona Marathon and parkun results

A busy weekend for Linlithgow runners was kicked off on Saturday, where Linlithgow had 6 runners across 5 parkruns.

The fastest Linlithgow runner this week was again William Millar, finishing Livingston in 20:38. Elsewhere, Mandy Cazes ran Edinburgh in 25:03. At Loch Leven, Scott Hyslop finished in 23:10. Jill Horsburgh was our parkrun tourist this week, running West Park, Germany in 24:53. Lastly, Ian Fyfe and David Reade ran Meadowmill in 21:11 and 28:15, respectively.

On Sunday, two Linlithgow runners managed PBs for half marathon distance made more satisfying by the challenging conditions. Karen Outram ran a wet and slushy Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon, finishing in 01:43:04. David Reade, fresh from parkrun on Saturday, enjoyed 3 seasons in one during the Inverness Half Marathon finishing in 01:46:00.

Finally, in slightly warmer conditions, Neil Anderson ran the Barcelona Marathon, finishing in 03:44:00.

Your club needs you!
Club EGM, 26 March @ 7.30pm - Community Class Room, Linlithgow Academy

Reminder of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Club this month to authorise the Club Committee to pursue Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) status. We need at least 20 club members at the meeting for it to be quorate.

Weekly update: Lasswade Ten Mile Road Race, Meadows Half Marathon and parkrun results

A weekend of challenging weather didn’t stop Linlithgow AC from competing this week.

On Sunday, Colin Hutcheon was amongst the +350 runners who ran the notoriously tough Lasswade AAC Ten Mile Road Race, finishing in 01:13:43 (1st MV65). A great turnout after the disappointment of having to cancel last year’s race due to heavy snow. Just the near 40 mph winds to contend with this year!

Also on Sunday, Rosemary Gallagher ran the Meadows Half Marathon finishing in 01:54:19 placing 91st of 205 runners (16th age & gender category). The race involved a dizzying 9 laps of the meadows.

At parkrun Linlithgow had 8 runners across 7 runs.

The fastest Linlithgow runner this week was William Millar, finishing Livingston in 21:12. Also at Livingston, Lorna Simpson (4th Female) finished in 22:48. Elsewhere, Jill Horsburgh ran Edinburgh in 24:59. At Plean, Neil Anderson finished in 22:30. Frances Wood and Alex Wood ran Strathclyde, finishing in 23:27 (1st FV60) and 25:49, respectively. Scott Hyslop ran Dunfermline in 23:34, Ian Fyfe was at Govan Prom finishing in 21:23 (4th overall) and Mandy Cazes ran Lanark Moor in 27:25 (1st Female).

A windswept Rosemary Gallagher after the Meadows Half Marathon

March training schedule

Inspired by the Euro Athletics? Want to improve your fitness before your next race? All levels of runners welcome. All coached sessions meet at Low Port and start at 19.30 except for track nights which are at Grangemouth Stadium, also At 19.30.

  • Tuesday 5 Mar - Track - 4x400@3k, 8x200@1.5k - Frances Wood

  • Thursday 7 Mar - Paarlauf at Bailielands - David Marshall

  • Thursday 14 Mar - Monafartlek at Oracle - David Marshall

  • Thursday 21 Mar - Track - 6x600@10k, 4x400@3k - Frances Wood

  • Thursday 28 Mar - Handicap Race - Alison Marshall

Track night!

Track night!

Weekly Update: Record turnout at Scottish National Cross Country for Linlithgow AC

On Saturday Linlithgow AC had a record turnout for the Club at the Scottish National Cross Country Championships. 22 Linlithgow AC members took on the tricky course in Callender Park, Falkirk. Central AC celebrated an historic win, as they once again picked up the Elkington Shield as overall winner, for an unprecedented ninth year in a row.

First up for the Club was James Hammond in the U13 boys race, finishing in 0:13:11, followed by Sean Smith who finished in 0:17:50. In the U15 boys race, Ruaridh Duncan finished in 0:19:50.

Later in the day, in the Senior Women’s race Mairi Watts was first home for the Club in 0:47:12, followed by Lorna Simpson in 0:55:21, Frances Wood in 0:56:51, Mandy Cazes in 0:57:43, Rosemary Gallagher in 0:58:42, Rebecca Evans in 0:58:59 and Alison Marshall 1:00:29. The women’s team finished 20th (of 24) overall.

John Redding was the first home for the Club in the Senior Men’s race, finishing in 0:39:59, then Paul Dudchenko in 0:47:12 closely followed by Martin Maginnis in 0:47:14, Michael Watts in 0:47:57, David McNish in 0:48:12, Neil Barnes 0:48:43, again, closely followed by Scott Hyslop in 0:48:48 , Angus Gallie in 0:48:50, then Gerry McArdle in 0:49:30, Paul Emery in 0:50:25, Neil Anderson 0:51:16 and Darren Dick in 0:51:19. The men’s team finished 34th (of 42) overall.

Lots more photos from the event on Linlithgow Runners page on Facebook. Photo credit to Roddy Simpson, Paul Dudchenko and David Marshall.

Also on Saturday, Ian Fyfe ran the tough but picturesque Glentress Forest 10k trail race in the Scottish Borders, finishing in 53:05.

On Sunday, Bryan Grome ran the Feterresseto forest trail marathon, near Stonehaven. With a cut off time of 2hrs 20 for first half meant for fast start. The route was challenging with some decent evelation. Bryan finished in 4:46:08, in plenty time for the post race spread including soup to rival those served at the Devil’s Burden race.

At parkrun Linlithgow had 8 runners across 4 runs.

The fastest Linlithgow runner this week was Kenny Gray finishing Falkirk in 19:57. Also at Falkirk, Ian Boxall finished in 21:52, Malcolm Hughes in 22:17, Neil Anderson in 22:42 and Roddy Simpson in 23:59. Elsewhere, Alex Wood ran Livingston, finishing in 27:18 (1st VM65). At Blackhill, Graeme Wilkinson finished in 25:34. David Main-Reade continued his parkrun tourism downunder at Quinns Rocks, Perth in 23:55.

Weekly Update: from Speyside to Seville, a busy week of running for Linlithgow Athletic Club

Linlithgow AC runners were at races across the UK and Europe in the past week.

On Valentine’s Day, Siobhan Coleman ran 3k race at the Armagh International Road Race, one of the fastest road races around, finishing in 10:40 (and a new PB for 3k).

On Sunday, Linlithgow had 4 finishers at the Seville Marathon in southern Spain. Michal Sroka was first home in 03:01:47, Ian Boxall in 03:22:01, Kenny Gray in 03:27:50 and Marta Sroka in 03:56:40 (also in odd shoes!).

In Kincardine, Linlithgow had a good turnout at the Devilla 5k and 15k trail races. The favourable conditions saw some strong finishes in both races. In the 5k race, Frances Wood ran in 23:38 (10th female, 2nd F60), Bryan Grome in 26:32 (10th V40) and Alex Wood in 26:47 (3rd V60). In the 15k race, Paul Dudchenko ran in 01:07:43 (8th V50), Ian Fyfe in 01:21:48 (9th V60) and Mandy Cazes ran in 01:26:47.

In Moray, Martin Maginnis ran the Kinloss to Lossiemouth Half Marathon, finishing 01:31:40 despite a strong headwind off the north sea (see photo).  

At parkrun, Linlithgow had 14 runners across 9 different runs.

Martin Maginnis was the fastest Linlithgow runner this week, finishing Elgin in 19:57 (3rd overall). The biggest turnout was at Falkirk where Malcolm Hughes was first home in 22:26, Jennifer Newton in 23:44, Roddy Simpson in 24:54 and Ian Fyfe in 52:22 (tail walker). Elsewhere, Scott Hyslop ran Edinburgh in 21:44. At Livingston, Charlotte Moran finished in 24:35. Lynsey Hay ran Castewellan in 21:58. At Bangor, Michael and Mhairi Watts finished in 20:15 and 20:23, respectively. Graeme Wilkinson ran Lochore Meadows in 23:56. At Meadowmill, Mandy Cazes finished in 24:52, and Jill Horsburgh in 25:39. Finally, David Main-Reade continued his parkrun tourism effort at Albert Park, Melbourne, finishing in 23:27.

Weekly update: Carnethy 5, Trossachs Night Trail race, Kirkintilloch 12.5k and parkrun results

A busy week of running this week across trail, hills and road.

On Wednesday (6th Feb), Paul Dudchenko and Trevor Galloway ran the third of the Trossachs Night Trail Race series. The course covered 6 miles of woodland trails near Aberfoyle. Out of 123 finishers, Paul finished 35th (48:53) and Trevor finished 42nd (50:45).

On Saturday, the first big hill race of the year took place in the Pentland Hills Regional Park - the Carnethy 5 (though it is just shy of 6 miles in length). The course route took in five of the Pentland hills with a total elevation gain of 2,500 feet. Strong winds meant for a tough race and battle to stay upright. Amongst a competitive field of near 500 runners, Linlithgow was represented by Paul Dudchenko who finished in 1:17:53 (215th), David Dalmau in 1:28:09 (345th), and Laura Finlay in 1:52:28 (456th).

Photo credit: Paul Dudchenko, David Dalmau and David Main-Reade.

On Sunday, Ian and Isobel Lockhart ran the less windy Kirkintilloch 12.5k road race. Ian finished in 1:03:18 (163rd) and Isobel in 1:15:20 (268th).

At parkrun, Linlithgow had 8 runners across 6 different runs.

William Millar was the fastest Linlithgow runner this week, finishing Livingston in 20:53. Alex Wood also ran, finishing 28:12. Elsewhere, Kenny Gray ran Falkirk, finishing in 24:22, Roddy Simpson in 25:14. At Camperdown, Mandy Cazes ran in 26:19, Neil Anderson ran Montrose finishing in 22:17, Ian Fyfe ran his 200th parkrun at Dunfermline in 24:21. Furthest afield was David Main-Reade (pictured), who ran East Coast Park in Singapore (one of the Guardian’s top 10 Parkrun locations), finishing in 24:42.

Weekly update: Scottish Masters Cross Country, Falkirk Ultra, Cancer Research UK 10k and parkrun results

On Saturday, the Club had representation at the Scottish Masters Cross Country Championships in Hawick. The course was on an exposed spot above the town with rough terrain underfoot, conditions were dry but very cold - a theme this week!

Frances Wood flew the flag for the ladies and was 4th fastest in her age group (F60) in a time of 33:31 over the 6000m course. In the M65 category, also on the 6000m course, Colin Hutcheon finished 6th in a time of 29:59. Lastly, Alex Wood, after 40 years of running, ran his first cross country race, finishing 19th in a time of 38:10.

In the M50-60 category (over the 8000m course) the men were able to field a full team of 3, finishing 13th. The team was made up of: Scott Hyslop (M50) who finished in 37:22, Neil Anderson (M55) in 39:16 and Angus Gallie (M60) in 37:45.

Photo credit: Pete Bracegirdle of Fife AC and Frances Wood.

On Sunday, Kenny Gray ran the Falkirk Ultra Race at Callendar Park, covering 27.5 miles (7 laps of the 3.8 mile course), the all-weather conditions made it tricky underfoot. Also on Sunday, Graeme Wilkinson ran the Cancer Research UK Winter 10K in London, finishing in 49:39.

At parkrun, the Club had 6 runners across 5 different runs, again, braving the low temperatures.

William Millar was the fastest Linlithgow runner this week, finishing Strathclyde in 20:06. Elsewhere, Graeme Wilkinson ran Burgess in 26:11. At Crichton, Neil Anderson finished in 22:29. At Portobello, David Main-Reade finished in 24:24, and at a snowy Loch Leven, Kenny Gray (pictured) finished in 25:06, Mandy Cazes in 26:53.

Kenny Gray at the Falkirk Ultra

February training schedule

Freezing February has arrived. All coached sessions meet at Low Port and start at 19.30 except for track nights which are at Grangemouth Stadium, also At 19.30.

  • Tues 5 Feb Track - 2 x (4 x 400)@3k - Frances Wood

  • Thurs 7 Feb Threshold Intervals - 6 x 4 - David Marshall

  • Thurs 14 Feb Paveys @ Oracle - David

  • Thurs 21 Feb Track - 4 x 800@10k, 4 x 400@5k - Frances

  • Thurs 28 Feb Handicap Race - Alison Marshall

Weekly update: 3 Linlithgow teams take on Devil’s Burden relay and parkrun results

On Saturday, 18 Linlithgow runners made up 3 teams for the infamous Devil’s Burden relay race. Starting at the Falkland Estate, the 36.5km route comprises of 4 legs across the Lomond Hills Regional Park. Tough winter conditions added to the challenging route.

For the first time, the Club had a women’s team competing, made up of: Lynne McGill, Jill Horsburgh, Jennifer Newton, Lynne Lamont, Charlotte Moran and Alison Marshall. They were joined by the men’s team of Bryan Grome, Paul Dudchenko, David Mason, Brian Couper, Angus Gallie and Michael O’Hara; and a mixed team of Kathryn Holm, Martin Maginnis, Neil Anderson, David Reade, Darren Dick and Trevor Galloway.

Everyone made it home in time for the legendary soup buffet at the finish. The men’s team were first home in 04:07:15, the mixed team in 04:21:44 and the women in 04:47:40.

Photo credit: Paul Dudchenko and Pete Bracegirdle.

At parkrun, Linlithgow had 11 runners across 3 parkruns this week.

Frances Wood ran Strathclyde, finishing 5th female overall in 24:03 (1st VW60). Alex Wood also ran, finishing in 26:51.

The biggest turnout was again at Falkirk. Kenny Gray, the fastest Linlithgow runner this week, finished in 19:24 (4th overall). Lynsey Hay ran in 22:10 (6th female), Scott Hyslop in 22:23, Ian Boxall in 23:02, Ian Lockhart in 23:59, Roddy Simpson in 25:24, Louisa Cockburn in 26:05 and Isobel Lockhart in 28:36.

Elsewhere, William Millar ran Livingston in 20:10, and was 7th overall.

Frances and Alex Wood at Strathclyde.

Frances and Alex Wood at Strathclyde.

Weekly Update: Junior Club success at East District XC and parkrun results

On Saturday, Linlithgow AC was well represented across the age groups at the East District XC in Livingston, jointly hosted by Lothian RC and Livingston AC. Aberdeen AAC (Male) and Edinburgh AC (Female) took the overall team prizes.

First up in the U11 Girls race, Linlithgow was represented by Emma Mitchell who finished in 07:32, Isla Gordon in 09:07, Lucy Jack in 09:44 and Alish Malcolm also ran. James Hammond ran in the U13 boys, finishing in 12:35. Andrew McGill continued his recent top form, finishing 1st place in U15 Boys race in 13:42. A great effort by the Club’s young runners, some of whom were running their first cross country race, demonstrating great determination and sporting conduct.

In the Women’s race, the team placed 18th (Seniors) and 15th (Masters). Lorna Simpson was first home in 29:29, Mandy Cazes ran in 32:03 and Jill Horsburgh ran in 34:05.

In the final race of the day, the Mens team placed 19th (Seniors) and 17th (Masters). David Marshall was first home in 38:04, Paul Dudchenko in 40:21, Martin Maginnis in 40:47, Gerry McArdle in 42:19, Angus Gallie in 42:22, Scott Hyslop in 42:35 and Neil Anderson in 45:44.

Photo credit: Paul Dudchenko

At parkrun this week Linlithgow had 10 runners across 7 parkruns.

At Edinburgh, Michal Sroka, the fastest Linlithgow runner this week, finishing in 18:50. Scott Cumming also ran, and finished in 25:08.

Elsewhere, Kenny Gray ran Aviemore in 20:06. At Strathclyde, WIlliam Millar ran in 19:45. The biggest turnout was again at Falkirk where John Smith ran in 20:32, Roddy Simpson in 25:46 and Alex Wood in 27:28. At Ruchill, Ian Fyfe ran his 199th parkrun, in 21:23. At Kirkcaldy, Lynsey Hay ran in 23:15 and at Lanark Moor, David Main-Reade ran in 25:17.