The Seniors

Linlithgow Athletic Club are a diverse lot, fast and slow, young and old, men and women.  Some run competitively, others socially, and most a bit of both. We aim to offer a friendly, inclusive club, where everyone is welcome. There are some experienced runners at the club and many hold coaching qualifications awarded by our governing body Scottish Athletics and jogscotland.  If you can run three or four miles continuously and want to take your running a step further then this could be right for you.

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Joining the club

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We offer 2 types of membership:

  • 'full membership' - this costs £34* per year and includes membership of Scottish Athletics (which entitles you to discounted entry to most events). This is also necessary if you want to participate in events that are organised by Scottish Athletics, such as the cross-country season.

  • 'non competing membership' - this costs £15 per year and does not include membership of Scottish Athletics.

  • Applicants with a low income are welcome to contact the Membership Secretary to discuss reduced membership fees.

*note - this is discounted to only £12 per year for 18-21 year olds, and £26 per year for over-65s.

Application form

Simply download this application form, and return to the club secretary at the address shown on the form.

What does the senior club do?



Our seniors are an active bunch: some members meet on Tuesdays for a social run around town, with a range of paces but generally easy (strictly speaking, this isn't part of the club offering - just a bunch of friends enjoying a run).
On Thursdays, there is a coached session, suitable for all levels of runners. This includes tempo runs, track work, interval and repetition sessions and a monthly handicap race.  All these sessions take place in the town, with the exception of the track meet, which takes place at Grangemouth Stadium.  Non-members are welcome to join in without obligation, on a trial basis, to see if the club is right for you.

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There is a lot going on: joining the club allows runners to discover a range of different running events. Our senior members participate in a range of events, from track to ultra-marathons.

We also have our annual club competitions - read more about our Club Championship. As a club affiliated to the national athletics body, we also receive a coveted place at the London Marathon - this is normally given to a member through a ballot, with the name of the lucky athlete drawn from a hat at the annual dinner in December.