senior club championships 2019

There will be 12 designated club championship races in the period of February to November 2019 (see below). The races have been selected to reflect feedback from Club members and provide a variety of events spread across the year.  The events selected are, in the majority, local races that are easy to enter and represent the types of races that the current Club members are targeting.

Eligibility and points

To be eligible for the club championship prizes you must complete 5 of the designated races. 
100 points will be awarded for the first LAC runner across the finish line, 99 for second and so on. Prizes will be awarded to the 3 highest scoring male and 3 highest scoring female athletes when all races have been completed. 

There are some “open” events (for example, you may complete any marathon within the specified period). For your performance to be eligible, the race must have been accurately marked and be run under an appropriate license (for example Scottish Athletics).

In the event of a tie, head-to-head performance will be taken into consideration (first placed runner declared winner), followed by number of events completed (highest declared winner). If an athlete completes more than 5 races, then the athlete’s best 5 will be taken into consideration. It is an athlete’s responsibility to enter themselves for the designated races and cover the cost.


There will also be a prize awarded for the best male and best female based upon a handicap scoring system. The handicap for each athlete will be calculated against the fastest 10k time by a senior athlete in 2018.


There will also be individual male and female prize for the best age graded performance according to WAVA. This can only be calculated on standard race distances (i.e. 5k, 10k etc) and will therefore not apply to the hill race (Dumyat).

Cross Country

There will be a male and female cross country champion. 3 races from the 3 Eeast League matches, the National, Short Course and District Championships. Points will be scored in a similar fashion to the main championships.

Remember, you can keep up-to-date with all the events in the weekly round-up.

The 12 events that constitute the 2019 club championshiP:

Note for the final month of November, this year it will be Livingston parkrun. Only times from the month of November will be included. A summary of everyone’s position in the competition will be given before the start of November and updated each week to give you 4 opportunities at putting down a decent time.