Club Championship 2019

Club Championship Update - May


There has been a flurry of activity of the last  few weeks with Grangemouth 10k, the National 5k Championships and some impressive marathon performances. The leaderboards are starting to take shape as athletes put down times.

In the Men’s completion, Paul Emery has taken an early lead with some great performances over 5k, 10k and the half marathon. The ubiquitous Paul Dudchenko is also in the podium places alongside John Redding. However, it’s tight at the top and there are lots more races to go.

Charlotte Moran leads the Women’s competition with Mandy Cazes and Frances Wood following in hot pursuit. Again, only 1 or 2 points separates podiums from the minor placings.

In the Handicap competitions, places are being decided literally by seconds and championship leaders Paul Emery And Charlotte Moran are high up in the standings - are they thinking about  the clean sweep this early in the year!?!  Mandy Cazes, In her first full club championship year, is impressively leading the way.

If your name doesn’t appear in the handicap  table and you think it should, then perhaps you haven’t shared  your handicap time? Please email John Redding  with your  best 5k or 10k time of 2018 and you will be added to the list.

Good luck to all athletes and next up in the Dumyat Hill race (8/5). Don’t forget you can also do any half marathon or marathon and it will be included.

Championship standings as it stands:


  1. Paul Emery (382)

  2. John Redding (300)

  3. Paul Dudchenko (293)

  4. Ian Boxall (288)

  5. Scott Cumming (273)

  6. Colin Sumpter (199)

  7. Martin Maginnis (198)

  8. Michael Watts (195)

  9. Jude Moir (192)

  10. Scott Hyslop (191)


  1. Charlotte Moran (395)

  2. Mandy Cazes (385)

  3. Frances Wood (292)

  4. Rosemary Gallgher (291)

  5. Claire Rice (290)

  6. Alison Marshall (285)

  7. Kathryn Holm (199)

  8. Lorna Simpson (197)

  9. Karen Outram (196)

  10. Katryna McLeod (185)

Handicap standings:


  1. Paul Emery (387)

  2. John Redding (293)

  3. Paul Dudchenko (292)

  4. Ian Boxall (292)

  5. Scott Cumming (289)

  6. Darren Dick (200)

  7. Angus Gallie (199)

  8. Martin Maginnis (196)

  9. Michael Watts (194)

  10. Ian Lockhart (193)


  1. Mandy Cazes (396)

  2. Charlotte Moran (385)

  3. Alison Marshall (297)

  4. Frances Wood (295)

  5. Kathryn Holm (200)

  6. Karen Outram (198)

  7. Lorna Simpson (192)

  8. Kirsty Oliver (99)

  9. Rebecca Evans (97)

  10. Suzie Porteous (96)

Club Championship Update - March

This weekend sees a regular on our Club Championship calendar in the Alloa Half Marathon and for some marks the start of the road running season. Good luck to all LAC athletes competing.

Since the National XC champs in February, a number of LAC athletes have been putting times down for marathons and half marathons and heading into Alloa, the current standings can be seen below. Spring marathon season is upon us so expect to see this change from race to race.

You can still can still share your best 10k or 5k time of 2018 to be included in the handicap competition (this applies to the same races but times adjusted for an individual’s pace). Remember there are prizes up for grabs.

The handicap standings will be updated after Alloa this weekend.

Championship standings as it stands:


  1. Martin Maginnis (198)

  2. Neil Anderson (187)

  3. John Redding (100)

  4. Michal Sroka (100)

  5. Ian Boxall (99)

  6. Paul Dudchenko (99)

  7. Malcolm Hughes (99)

  8. Kenny Gray (98)

  9. David Maine-Reade (98)

  10. Michael Watts (97)


  1. Rosemary Gallagher (195)

  2. Karen Outram (100)

  3. Marta Sroka (100)

  4. Mairi Watts (100)

  5. Lorna Simpson (99)

  6. Frances Wood (98)

  7. Mandy Cazes (97)

  8. Rebecca Evans (95)

  9. Alison Marshall (94)