Weekly Update: Great Stirling XCountry, Great Stirling Castle Run and parkrun

Great Stirling Cross Country Run and Great Stirling Castle Run

On Saturday, Stirling played host to the Great Stirling Cross Country and Great Stirling Castle runs for the first time.

Linlithgow had 4 runners taking part in the Great Stirling Castle run, taking on a multi-terrain course across paths, roads and trails. David Dalmau finished in 33:24, Moore McCartney ran in 33:28, Graeme Wilkinson in 39:40 and Bryan Grome in 45:08.

Also on Saturday, Andrew McGill finished 5th in Under-15 Inter District race at the Great Stirling Cross Country event, representing Scotland East. Andrew completed the 4km course in 13:54. The race was won by Lucas Cairns from the North in an impressive 13:29. The Scotland East team were 2nd overall, behind the West and ahead of the North.

parkrun - Plean, Falkirk, Strathclyde, Livingston, Markeaton, Drumchapel, Hasenheide and Hay Lodge

Another good turnout by Linlithgow runners at parkrun, with 17 runners across 8 different parkruns. At Plean, Lorna Simpson ran in 23:47 (4th female), Mandy Cazes ran in 25:59 and Jill Horsburgh ran 27:18

The fastest Linlithgow runner was William Millar at Strathclyde, finishing in 19:56.

The biggest Linlithgow contingent was again at Falkirk, where Kenny Gray was first home in 20:24. Neil Anderson ran in 22:23, Scott Hyslop in 22:25, Jennifer Newton (3rd Female overall) in 22:30, Ian Lockhart in 23:32, Roddy Simpson in 25:23, Isobel Lockhart in 28:27, Scott Cumming in 32:28.

Furthest from home was David Main-Reade who ran Hasenheide parkrun in Germany, finishing in 22:52.

Elsewhere, Malcolm Hughes ran Livingston in 21:40, Kathryn Holm ran Markeaton in 25:03, At Drumchapel, Ian Fyfe ran in 23:27. Graeme Wilkinson ran Hay Lodge in 22:58.

And finally…

Spare a thought this week for Beverley Dodgson who has her leg in brace and is resting up for the next 6 weeks. Get well soon, Beverley!

Weekly Update: A successful week at parkruns for LAC

It was a successful week at parkrun, where 19 Linlithgow AC runners were at 8 different parkruns on Saturday.

At Dunfermline, Lynsey Hay was first female overall finishing in 21:24.

Edinburgh parkrun saw a record turnout, and amongst the 800+ runners were 4 from the club, including Claire Rice who was running her first parkrun finishing in 24:18. Also at Edinburgh, Kathryn Holm ran in 23:28, Scott Cumming in 24:05 and Alison Marshall in 24:42.

The biggest turnout from the club was at Falkirk, where Kenny Gray ran in 21:54, Scott Hyslop in 22:26, Ian Boxall in 24:15, Roddy Simpson in 25:01, Mandy Cazes in 25:14 and Adam Ross in 26:38.

At Strathclyde, William Millar was the fastest Linlithgow runner, finishing in 19:35, Lorna Simpson ran in 21:46, Frances Wood in 23:17 and Alex Wood in 25:31.

Elsewhere, Neil Anderson ran Greenock in 20:18. David Main-Reade ran Troon in 22:32. At Leicester Victoria, Richard Wood ran in 19:44 and Graeme Wilkinson ran Loch Leven in 22:28.

January Training Schedule

Here we go again!

All sessions meet at Low Port and start at 19.30 except for track nights which are at Grangemouth Stadium.

  • Thursday 3 - Strides - 10x30 secs (David)

  • Tuesday 8 - Track - fun session (Frances) 

  • Thursday 10 - Hills - 10 x 90 secs at Preston Road (David)

  • Thursday 17 - Track - 2 x [3 x 800@5k pace] (Frances)

  • Thursday 24 - Monafartlek at Oracle (David)

  • Thursday 31 - Handicap Race (Alison)

Keep in touch and follow us on  Facebook  or  Twitter  too.

Keep in touch and follow us on Facebook or Twitter too.

Weekly Update: Parkrun, more Parkrun, Tillicoultry 10k and Portobello Promathon

The last Parkrun of 2018 and Tillicoultry 10k

On Saturday, there were 20 Linlithgow runners at the final Parkruns of the year. The biggest turnout was at Falkirk where Kenny Gray ran in 21:44, Colin Hutcheon in 22:05, Ian Boxall in 22:23, Jennifer Newton 22:34, Ian Lockhart in 23:35, Louisa Cockburn in 25:29, Roddy Simpson in 25:45 and Isobel Lockhart in 28:47. At Edinburgh, David Maine-Reade ran in 49:46. At Strathclyde, William Millar ran in 20:09, Frances Wood in 24:12, Mandy Cazes in 25:47 and Alex Wood in 27:32. Laura Finlay ran Ballymena, N. Ireland, in 25:08. Paul Emery ran Livingston in 21:26. Scott Cumming ran Springburn in 24:37, Lynsey Hay ran Dunfermline in 24:13, Neil Anderson ran Fort William in 22:24, Michael O’Hara ran Avondale Forest in 20:31 and Graeme Wilkinson ran Cotsford Fields in 23:20.

Also on Saturday, Mairi Watts ran the inaugural Tillicoultry 10k. A nice flat, out and back one along a cycle track for the most part. Mairi continued her strong running, finishing 5th female in 40:28.

New Year's Day Parkrun and Portobello Promathon

On New Year's Day 17 Linlithgow runners ran at 14 different Parkruns. Some took the opportunity to run at two different locations - Lorna Simpson, Malcolm Hughes and Ian Fyfe all ran Livingston and Portobello, Scott Cumming ran Loch Leven and Kirkcaldy, Kenny Gray ran Loch Leven and Perth, Jill Horsburgh ran Newbiggin-by-the-Sea and Rising Sun and Graeme Wilkinson ran Pollock and Greenock. The biggest Club turnout was at Livingston with 8 Linlithgow runners amongst the 416 parkrunners. Fastest Linlithgow finisher was William Millar at Strathclyde Parkrun in 19:42. The furthest from home was Neil Anderson who ran Elgin in 21:05.

Also on New Year’s Day, Linlithgow had 4 runners at the Portobello Promathon. Jennifer Newton was 1st FV50. Frances Wood, Siobhan Coleman, running her first in Club colours and Alex Wood also ran. Official results still to be published.

Happy New Year!

Weekly update: Kirk Craigs Christmas Cracker, Festive Handicap and Parkrun

Linlithgow runners represented the Club at a number of festive running events in the last week.

Parkrun part 1

On Saturday, Linlithgow had 14 runners at Parkruns across the country. The biggest turnout was at Falkirk, where Kenny Gray ran in 22:17, Ian Boxall in 22:50, Lynsey Hay 23:25 and Roddy Simpson in 25:05. The fastest Linlithgow runner was at Edinburgh, where William Millar finished in 19:53, Malcolm Hughes ran in 22:11, Scott Cumming in 22:42. At Strathclyde Park, Frances Wood ran in 23:34 (1st VW60, 6th Female) and Alex Wood ran in 26:12 (Ist VM65). At Livingston, Lorna Simpson ran in 22:02. Ian Fyfe ran Victoria Park, Glasgow in 20:33. At Lyme Park, Stockport - one of the toughest Parkruns - Jill Horsburgh ran in 30:19. Richard Wood ran Victoria Park, Leicester in 20:16. David Maine-Reade ran Girvan Prom in 23:11 and Mandy Cazes ran at Hay Lodge, Peebles in 27:07.

Kirk Craigs Christmas Cracker

The festive running continued on Saturday with Paul Dudchenko taking on the Kirk Craigs Christmas Cracker, which had a record turnout with over 100 runners taking on the route in the Orchil Hills. Paul finished in 50:32.

Christmas Day Parkrun

Santa’s helpers were out in force with 18 Linlithgow runners taking on Christmas Day Parkruns. At Edinburgh, Charlotte Fortune ran in 20:03, Lorna Simpson in 22:09, Frances Wood in 23:53, Scott Cumming 24:13, Alex Wood in 25:37, Mandy Cazes in 26:56 and Carolyn Walker in 30:57. The fastest Linlithgow finisher was at Falkirk, where Kenny Gray ran in 19:43, Lynsey Hay ran in 20:53, Paul Emery in 21:46, Jennifer Newton in 22:20, Martin Maginnis in 22:41, Neil Anderson in 23:35 and Roddy Simpson in 25:31.  At Camperdown, Dundee, David Maine-Reade ran in 23:52. At St Andrews, Graeme Wilkinson ran 25:35. At Livingston, Jill Horsburgh ran in 24:52 and Ian Fyfe in 26:15.

Boxing Day Festive Handicap

On Boxing Day, 14 Linlithgow runners blew away the cobwebs at the annual Lothian Running Club Festive Handicap. Runners had the option of either 1 loop (7k) or 2 loops (14k) of Beecraigs Country Park with a dash up Cockleroy for good measure. In the 7k race, David Dalmau was first home in 32:53, Lynne McGill in 33:42, Angus Gallie in 34:24, Jennifer Newton in 36:27, Kathryn Holm in 38:23, Laura Finlay in 41:13, Roddy Simpson 41:19, Jill Horsburgh in 41:38, Gerry McArdle in 41:49 and Bryan Grome in 43:28. In the 14k, Kenny Gray ran in 01:07:07, Paul Dudchenko in 01:08:32, Ian Boxall in 01:08:34, Martin Maginnis in 01:10:23 and Ian Fyfe in 01:12:19.

And finally…

Don’t forget New Years Day is your chance to run not 1 but 2 Parkruns, an opportunity not to be missed, surely?

Weekly update: Trossachs Night Trail race, Parkrun, Festive challenges and a look ahead to 2019

We're fast approaching that most wonderful time of year... when, weather permitting, you get the rare opportunity to undertake back-to-back Parkruns, a perfect excuse to enjoy some turkey leftovers, right?

Trossachs Night Trail Race

On Wednesday, three Club members were among the 139 runners at the second Trossachs Night Trail race in Callander. The 5-mile route featured a good bit of ascent at the start, but a fast finish through the woods.  Paul Dudchenko finished in 40:01 (35th), David Mason was 44:01 (59th) and Bryan Grome was 58:06 (131st). 

Parkrun - Edinburgh, Livingston, Upton Court, St. Andrews, Lochore and Falkirk

Linlithgow AC had 14 runners at 6 Parkruns this weekend, with some impressive times despite the inclement weather. At Edinburgh: Malcolm Hughes in 21:51 (6th VM55-59); Frances Wood in 23:35 (1st FV60); David Maine-Reade in 23:48; Scott Cumming in 24:14; Mandy Cazes in 25:14; and Alex Wood in 27:33. At Falkirk: Ian Boxall ran in 23:21; Ian Lockhart in 24:10 (3rd VW55-59); Kenny Gray 24:14; and Isobel Lockhart in 29:18 (5th VW55-59). Ian Fyfe ran St. Andrews in 20:22; William Millar ran Livingston in 20:24; At Upton Court, Neil Anderson ran in 31:23 and Lynsey Hay ran Lochore in 22:50.

Looking ahead to 2019

2018 has been an incredibly active year for Linlithgow AC with members representing the Club at a range of events throughout the year. 2019 is shaping up to be another busy one with many members already registered for events:


Frances and Alex Wood will be running the Portobello Promathon on New Years Day. On the same day, David Maine-Reade will be taking on the Edinburgh Triathlon. Graeme Wilkinson will be taking on the Stirling Castle Run on the 12th January.

Devil's Burdens Relay on the 26th January - this race is not for the faint-hearted but great fun and a superb post-race feed. It’s also possible to run in road shows but not recommended. The route cuts across the Lomond Hills, in previous year the Club has been able to field two teams (six runners/team).  There are four legs to the relay, two of which are run solo, and two with pairs of runners. If you are are interested in running contact Paul Dudchenko by email or Facebook (messenger). We will try to form teams early in January. 


On the 3rd February, Graeme Wilkinson will be running the Cancer Research Winter Run in London. Later in the month, Linlithgow will be represented at the Devilla Forest 5k (various), Lossiemouth Half-Marathon (Martin Maginnis) and the Seville Marathon (Ian Boxall) on Sunday 17 February 2019.

And finally - festive challenges

Well done to everyone taking on the various festive running challenges - Marcothon, daily dashes and the like. The end is in sight when you can enjoy a well-earned mince pie.

Happy running!

Weekly update: JogScotland, Annual dinner and Prize-giving, AGM update and Parkrun


Linlithgow Athletic Club decided this year, as part of its engagement with the local community, to support new runners through training Jogleaders and establishing JogScotland groups. The groups, bannered as LetsGoLinlithgow, have aimed to support the move from couch to 5k. The first of these, led by Lorna Simpson, ran in the spring, and the second, co-led by Roddy Simpson and Alex Wood and supported by Angus Gallie and Neil Anderson, reached its finale on Saturday. Seventeen runners made the journey to a healthier lifestyle, with weekly sessions at the Peel. Ten of these new running enthusiasts took part in Saturday’s Falkirk Parkrun. Well done to all these runners, now all committed to, and enjoying, a healthier life-style.

Parkrun - Livingston, Linwood, Pollock, Strathclyde Park, Vogrie and Falkirk

Linlithgow AC had runners at six Parkruns across Scotland on Saturday. Michael Sroka ran Strathclyde Park in 19:02 (2nd VM40 and a new PB). William Millar finished Livingston in 20:58 (1st VM35). Ian Fyfe completed Pollok in Glasgow in 22:13 (1st VM60). David Main-Reade finished Linwood in 22:36 (3rd VM50). Scott Cumming ran Vogrie in 26:01. We had thirteen runners at Falkirk, with our team led home by Paul Dudchenko in 20:59 (2nd VM50), followed by Malcolm Hughes in 22:56, Lorna Simpson in 22:57 (2nd VW45), Ian Lockhart in 24:01, Frances Wood in 24:31 (1st VW60), Mandy Cazes in 25:25 (3rd SW30), Jill Horsburgh in 26:15 (1st VW55), Kenny Gray in 27:39, Isobel Lockhart in 29:32 plus Angus Gallie, Roddy Simpson, Alex Wood and Neil Anderson, supporting the Jogscotland runners.

Annual dinner and Prize-giving

Saturday evening was the Club’s annual dinner and prize-giving in the Four Marys. A great night and a chance to celebrate the hard work and achievements of club members in the past year.

John Redding and Lynsey Hay were crowned Club Champions, John retaining his title. Lorna Simpson won both the Athlete of the Year Shield and the President’s Prize for not only her coaching achievements but her contribution to the ongoing development of the club.

AGM update

At a well attended Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening, Club President, Angus Gallie, reflected on a highly successful year in which membership had increased significantly, a record number of club members finished the Linlithgow 10k and the club’s coaching strength continued to expand.

Angus was re-elected President and Alison Marshall re-elected as Treasurer. Other officers elected included Alex Wood as Secretary, Neil Anderson as Membership Secretary and Martin Maginnis as Communications Officer.

December Training Schedule

Just a few more chances to up your fitness before the great midwinter indulgence-fest!

All sessions meet at Low Port and start at 19.30 except for track nights which are at Grangemouth Stadium.

  • Tuesday 4 December - Track - 4 x 400 @3k pace, 8 x 200 @ 1500 pace - Frances Wood

  • Thursday 6 December - Hills at Preston Road - David Marshall

  • Thursday 13 December - 1k reps in Springfield - David Marshall 

  • Thursday 20 December - Track - 4 x 800 @10k, 6 x 400 @5k - Frances Wood

  • Thursday 27 December - REST (but you'll all have done the Festive Handicap the day before?)

Weekly update: 7 Reservoirs Half, Foxtrail 10k, Bob Stark Memorial 5k and Parkrun

It’s been another good week for Linlithgow Athletic Club.

Parkrun - Ormeau, Troon, Telford, Edinburgh and Falkirk

Fourteen club runners took part in parkruns across Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday morning.  Lynsey Hay ran Ormeau in Belfast in 20:44 and was 1st female runner home.  Neil Anderson completed Ormeau in 20:41 and was 3rd overall.  At Falkirk three of our four four runners were 1st in their age categories.  Michael O’Hara ran 20:32 (1st VM45), Ian Boxall, hot on his heels in 20:36 (1st VM50), Kenny Gray in 21:25 and Roddy Simpson in 24:47 (1st VM70).  David Main-Reade finished Telford in Shropshire in 22:27.  Ian Fyfe ran Hay Lodge in Peebles in 24:30 (2nd VM60).  Our biggest turnout this week was at Edinburgh.  Leading the Linlithgow pack there was William Millar in 20:30, followed by Ian Lockhart in 22:48, Frances Wood in 23:16 (1st FV60), Mandy Cazes in 23:47, Scott Cumming in 24:08, Alex Wood in 25:47 and Isobel Lockhart in 28:37.

Foxtrail series

Gary Welsh ran Race 2 of the Foxtrail 10k night run on Saturday in 48:12.  

7 Reservoirs Half-Marathon

Sunday saw a strong team of seven LAC runners compete in the 7 Reservoirs Half-Marathon in the Pentlands, a tough race but in a great setting.  John Redding finished an excellent overall 4th in 1:26:46.  Following John, Paul Dudchenko ran 1:40:53, Martin Maginnis 1:42:05, Mike Watts 1:49:46, Ian Fyfe 1:53:03 (2nd VM60), Jill Horsburgh 2:10:42 and Laura Finlay 2:14:31.

Bob Stark Memorial 5k

The Bob Stark Memorial 5k - a tough, hilly and muddy but beautiful course, finishing with a run through the orchard and up the main drive in the spectacular setting of Falkland Palace - saw Frances Wood, racing on back-to-back days for the first time in a long time, complete in 24:45 (2nd VF60) and Alex Wood in 27:56.


Lorna Simpson completed her Athletics Coach assessment, passed and joins the Club’s coaching team.

Weekly Update: East District Cross-Country success, Club Championship update and Parkrun

East District Cross-Country

Linlithgow Athletic Club’s rising young star, Andrew McGill, had a superb run to win in the Under 15s Boys race at the East District Cross-country League meeting in Broxburn on Saturday. Andrew finished the 4k course in an excellent time of 14:16.

Three Linlithgow runners competed in the senior women’s 5.4k race with Lorna Simpson finishing in 27:34, Mandy Cazes (in her first run in a Linlithgow vest) in 30:26, and Jill Horsburgh in 30:46. In the senior men’s race John Redding completed the 8.1k in 31:25, Paul Dudchenko in 36:43, Angus Gallie in 39:25 and Colin Hutcheon in 41:22.

Parkrun - Eglinton, Edinburgh, Sprinburn, Plean and Falkirk

There were Linlithgow celebrations at Falkirk Parkrun where club members Bryan Grome and Louisa Cockburn both ran their 50th Parkrun. The Club runners’ times at Falkirk also included some superb runs. Martin Maginnis finished in 20:01 (1st VM35 and a new PB), Ian Boxall in 20:07 (a new PB), Neil Anderson in 21:08 (1st VM55), Kenny Gray in 22:59, Louisa Cockburn in 24:25 (2nd VW35), Alison Marshall in 24:41 (3rd VW35), Roddy Simpson in 24:52 (1st VM70), Darren Dick in 25:39, Bryan Grome in 26:02 and Alex Wood in 26:29 (3rd VM65).

Ian Fyfe, who is seeking to run all of Scotland’s park runs, ran Springburn in 20:45 (2nd VM60 and a top 10 finish). At Eglinton Parkrun, in Irvine, David Main-Reade finished in 23:10. Scott Cumming completed Edinburgh Parkrun in 23:57. Graeme Wilkinson ran Plean in 24:52 (2nd VM45).

Club Championship update

See the latest standings in the 2018 Club Championship. Winners will be announced at the annual awards do on the 8th December.

2018 Club Championship Update - The final countdown!

Another week in November, another 2018 Club Championship update…. Only 1 more to go

Overall Championship

With our 3rd week of Falkirk Parkrun having now been and gone, there has been a change in our leaderboard. John Redding, who was sitting mid table having completed 4 events has now jumped up to the top, pushing everyone down a place. In the men’s competition we now have 3 athletes on 484 points sitting from 3rd to 5th. If this stays like this then we’ll have to go to head to head results to find a clear winner. This will only be announced at our awards ceremony. No significant change in the women’s competition this week


In the handicap, Coach Marshall’s performance has put him neck and neck with stalwart Paul Dudchenko and only 1 point behind a podium place. David Marshall may have to pull out a performance to move up but just a few seconds faster for Paul may be the difference.  Again, no significant changes in the womens competition

Final Parkrun points

You still have 1 more go at Falkirk Parkrun this weekend, however it is also a cross country weekend…. decisions, decisions….

This will be the last update. Next one is the big one at the awards do on the 8th December.

The scores on the doors:


  1. John Redding (500)

  2. David Marshall (498)

  3. Martin Maginnis (484)

  4. Paul Dudchenko (484)

  5. Kenny Gray (484)

  6. Paul Emery (478)

  7. Darren Dick (466)

  8. Roddy Simpson (459)

  9. Scott Cumming (443)

  10. Michael O’Hara (386)


  1. Lynsey Hay (500)

  2. Mairi Watts (499)

  3. Jennifer Newton (491)

  4. Lorna Simpson (491)

  5. Jill Horsburgh (489)

  6. Alison Marshall (472)

  7. Charlotte Moran (388)

  8. Laura Finlay (375)

  9. Rosemary Gallagher (286)

  10. Carolyn Walker (278)

Handicap standings:


  1. Martin Maginnis (500)

  2. Darren Dick (497)

  3. Kenny Gray (481)

  4. Paul Dudchenko (480)

  5. David Marshall (480)

  6. John Redding (477)

  7. Roddy Simpson (476)

  8. Michael O’Hara (392)

  9. Paul Emery (392)

  10. Scott Hyslop (296)


  1. Lynsey Hay (495)

  2. Lorna Simpson (493)

  3. Jill Horsburgh (492)

  4. Jennifer Newton (492)

  5. Mairi Watts (490)

  6. Alison Marshall (486)

  7. Laura Finlay (399)

  8. Charlotte Moran (393)

  9. Rosemary Gallagher (287)

  10. Karen Outram (194)

Weekly Update: RunThrough Half, UK Athletics coaching qualification, Club AGM, Championship update and Parkrun

RunThrough Half-marathon

Linlithgow Athletic Club’s Ali Malone ran a PB in the RunThrough half-marathon in Victoria Park, London, on Saturday, finishing in an excellent 1:40:34 and placing as 3rd VF35.

Parkrun - Montrose, Livingston, Edinburgh, Jamaica Pond and Falkirk

Club members hit parkruns from Montrose to Massachusetts as well as some closer to home.  At Livingston William Millar finished in 20:26 (1stVM35) and Alex Wood in 26:37 (1st VM65).  Scott Cumming ran Edinburgh in 23:42.  Jill Horsburgh continued her quest for 60 parkruns before hitting 60.  Running at Montrose, a very flat course mainly on the old aerodrome, she finished in 25:26 (1st WV 55).  David Main-Reade completed Jamaica Pond in Boston Massachusetts, in 22:50. 

There was another great turn-out and some great times at Falkirk parkrun which counts towards the Club championships.  John Redding finished in 17:33 (2nd VM35), David Marshall in 19:07 (3rd VM35), Ian Boxall in 20:33 (1st VM50), Paul Emery in 20:44 (3rd VM40), Paul Dudchenko in 20:50 (2nd VM50), Kenny Gray in 22:00, Roddy Simpson in 24:41 (1st VM70) and Mandy Cazes in 26:11 (3rd SW30).

UK Athletics coaching qualification for Frances Wood

After 18 months of online study, Frances Wood completed her UK Athletics Event Group Coach (Endurance) qualification on Saturday by attending an Integration Day with scottishathletics.  Sixteen athletics coaches from around Scotland shared their experiences, worked through technical and planning case studies and learning from the expertise of Robert Hawkins, father of Derek and Callum.  The Qualification provides a detailed body of knowledge around endurance events from 800m to marathon and is particularly useful for working with developing young athletes.  Frances is looking forward to applying what she has learned in coaching young people and adults in the Club.

Club AGM details

The Club’s AGM will take place at 7:30 pm, on Tuesday 11th December, in the Low Port Centre.  All members are urged to attend and a warm invitation is extended to anyone interested in joining the Club.

And finally...

Read the latest update on the 2018 Club Championship standings.

Ali Malone at the RunThrough Half in Victoria Park, London.

Ali Malone at the RunThrough Half in Victoria Park, London.

2018 Club Championship Update (November updated)

Updated 2018 Club Championship standings after the 2nd Falkirk Parkrun. A few place changes as more people put down times.

A good battle between Kenny Gray and Paul Dudchenko for podium places in both events. Lorna Simpson is also putting in a strong challenge for a podium place when head to heads are taken into account. 

2 more Parkruns to go….

Championship standings as it stands:


  1. David Marshall (496)

  2. Kenny Gray (488)

  3. Paul Dudchenko (488)

  4. Martin Maginnis (487)

  5. Darren Dick (469)

  6. Roddy Simpson (462)

  7. Scott Cumming (446)

  8. John Redding (400)

  9. Michael O’Hara (386)

  10. Paul Emery (382)


  1. Lynsey Hay (500)

  2. Mairi Watts (499)

  3. Jennifer Newton (491)

  4. Lorna Simpson (491)

  5. Jill Horsburgh (489)

  6. Alison Marshall (472)

  7. Charlotte Moran (388)

  8. Laura Finlay (375)

  9. Rosemary Gallagher (286)

  10. Carolyn Walker (278)

Handicap standings:


  1. Martin Maginnis (500)

  2. Darren Dick (498)

  3. Kenny Gray (484)

  4. Paul Dudchenko (483)

  5. David Marshall (480)

  6. Roddy Simpson (478)

  7. Michael O’Hara (392)

  8. John Redding (383)

  9. Scott Hyslop (296)

  10. Paul Emery (293)


  1. Lynsey Hay (495)

  2. Lorna Simpson (493)

  3. Jill Horsburgh (492)

  4. Jennifer Newton (492)

  5. Mairi Watts (490)

  6. Alison Marshall (486)

  7. Laura Finlay (399)

  8. Charlotte Moran (393)

  9. Rosemary Gallagher (287)

  10. Karen Outram (194)

Weekly Update: Silver Medal Success at Short-Course Cross-Country, Night running, Jimmy Irvine 10k, and Parkrun

Linlithgow Athletic Club runners, especially our female athletes, had some great achievements in the past week.

Trossachs Night Trail Race

On Wednesday evening five of our athletes ran the 5.5 miles Trossachs Night Trail Race.  Paul Dudchenko finished in 40:29, Neil Anderson in 43:06, David Mason in 43:33, Ian Fyfe in 44:08, and Bryan Grome in 56:48.

Parkrun - Leicester, Edinburgh, Plean, Loch Leven, Lanhydrock, Peebles and Falkirk

As usual the biggest parkrun activity on Saturday was at Falkirk where our stars were Jennifer Newton who was overall 1st Female in 21:26, a new PB, and Lorna Simpson who was overall 3rd Female in 22:37.  Great runs were also recorded by our other eight runners, with Martin Maginnis running 20:34 (3rd SM30), Paul Dudchenko running 20:57 (1st VM50), Kenny Gray running 21:01 (2nd VM40), Angus Gallie running 21:18 (1st VM60), Malcolm Hughes running 21:48 (3rd VM55), Roddy Simpson running 24:59 (2nd VM70), Mandy Cazes running 25:50 and Alex Wood running 27:03 (3rd VM65).

Richard Wood completed Leicester Victoria in 19:11 (2nd VM45).  Ian Boxall was overall 2nd at Aviemore, in 20:10. At Edinburgh William Millar ran 19:54, Scott Cumming 24:34, and Louisa Cockburn 24:58.  David Main-Reade completed Loch Leven in 23:40. Scott Hyslop was at Lanhydrock, in Bodmin, where he finished in 24:10 (3rd VM50). Graeme Wilkinson Tail walked at Plean parkrun in 38:57. At Hay Lodge Peebles, Neil Anderson completed in 21:25 (1st VM55) and Jill Horbsurgh in 25:40 (2nd VW55), before they both headed to Lanark to run the Cross-Country.

Scottish Short-Course Cross-Country Championships

The Scottish Short-Course (4k) Cross-Country Championships were held at Lanark on Saturday afternoon and Linlithgow had three men and three women running. There was a major success for Frances Wood, our first female runner, who finished in 18:20 and took the silver medal in the F60 category.  She was followed by Jill Horsburgh who finished in 20:13 and Rosemary Gallagher in 20:58. David Marshall led in our men in 15:16, followed by David McNish in 15:54 and Neil Anderson in 16:20.

Jimmy Irvine Bella 10k

On Sunday Bryan Grome ran the Jimmy Irvine Bella 10k, now on a different route (with even more hills!) in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, in 50:52.

 Kelpies Supernova 5k

We also had a strong turnout on Sunday at the Kelpies Supernova 5k, a flat but twisty course, with a slippery grass finish. It was a great fun race, with the Kelpies illuminated and every runner wearing a headtorch and fluorescent clothes. Jude Moir finished in 19:50, Kathryn Holm in 22:04, and Graeme Wilkinson in 22:14 (2nd M45).  Alison Marshall ran 23:09, (2ndVM35 and a PB!) Claire Rice finished in 23:32 and Karen Outram in 41:59.

And finally…

The date and venue for the Club AGM have been finalised. Be there or be elsewhere!

Time: 7:30pm
When: Tuesday 11th December
Where: Low Port Centre

Weekly Update: Glen Ogle 33, Foxtrail series, Edinburgh Men’s 10K and Parkrun

Linlithgow Athletic Club runners tackled several hard, challenging courses last week.  On Saturday, Marta Sroka ran the Glen Ogle 33, a 33-mile race in the Killin area.  This was Marta’s second attempt at the race and she managed to finish in 5:29:35, six minutes faster than last year despite the horrendous weather.

Foxtrail series 

Also on Saturday, Gary Welsh ran Race 1 of the Foxtrail race series, a 13K trail run in glorious East Lothian.  It was a windy day but great fun and Gary finished in 1:07:53.

Men’s Health 10k and Stirling’s Toughest

On Sunday John Redding and Malcolm Hughes ran the Edinburgh Men’s 10K, John finishing in 34:59 and Malcolm in 43:13. Ian Fyfe ran Stirling’s Toughest, 8.2K, twice round Stirling Castle, with a 400 foot climb on each lap, and finished in 45:24.

Parkrun - Leicester, Dundee, Peebles, Livingston, Perth, Strathclyde Park, Ayr and Falkirk

Linlithgow Athletic Club runners hit a wide range of parkruns this week.  Richard Wood finished Leicester Victoria in 19:03 (1st VM45).  After months out of running, Colin Hutcheon ran Camperdown Park, Dundee, in 22:19 (1st VM65).  At Hay Lodge, Peebles, David Main-Reade ran 23:29.  At Livingston, Charlotte Moran ran 24:02 (2nd SW25).  Mandy Cazes finished Perth in 24:28 (2nd SW30).  At Strathclyde Park, Graeme Wilkinson ran 22:16, Frances Wood ran 23:30 (1st VW60), and Alex Wood ran 25:48 (1st VM65).  Neil Anderson completed Ayr in 31:12.

We had an excellent total of ten runners at Falkirk parkrun, where the star performance was from Mairi Watts who was 1st Woman in 20:20.  Paul Dudchenko finished close behind Mairi in 20:46 (1st VM50), with  Martin Maginnis six seconds later in 20:52.  Ian Boxall ran 21:10 (2nd VM50), Jennifer Newton ran 22:00 (3rd Woman, 1st VW50 and another PB!), Darren Dick ran 24:00, Roddy Simpson ran 24:48 (2nd VM70), Louisa Cockburn ran 25:22 (2nd VW35), Scott Cumming ran 25:29 (New PB) and Jill Horsburgh ran 25:53 (2nd VW55).

And finally… Scottish Athletics - JogScotland Awards

Lorna Simpson attended Scottish Athletics/Jogscotland Awards, as one of the nominees for the Jog Leader of the Year award. 

Lorna Jogscotland awards.jpg

2018 Club Championship Update (November)

With a hectic weekend of marathon running last weekend and the first chance to put a time down at Falkirk parkrun this weekend, there have been some changes to the rankings in the 2018 Club Championship standings.

Championship and Handicap

Lynsey Hay is still sitting proud of both the championship and the handicap competition but Mairi Watts who, coming into some form has certainly closed the gap significantly. Looks like it may be a great battle next year between these two. Jennifer Newton with her fabulous marathon time in Frankfurt appears to have hauled herself up into a podium place. There are still podium spots to run for if you fancy a shot at Falkirk parkrun over the next 3 weekends.

David Marshall is still at the top of the men’s competition, however there are possibilities of that lead being surrendered should others put a fast parkrun time down in the next few weeks.

Martin Maginnis continues to go from strength to strength with a great half marathon run in Jedburgh and followed it up with a decent showing at parkrun this weekend. He seems to have the handicap competition wrapped up but can he hold onto that podium place in the championship. 

Parkrun points

Don’t forget you have 3 more opportunities to run Falkirk parkrun and score vital points in the month of November. You can run them all if you like, and I’ll make sure I use your best one.

Championship standings as it stands:


  1. David Marshall (496)

  2. Paul Dudchenko (489)

  3. Martin Maginnis (487)

  4. Darren Dick (472)

  5. Roddy Simpson (466)

  6. Scott Cumming (450)

  7. John Redding (400)

  8. Kenny Gray (391)

  9. Michael O’Hara (386)

  10. Paul Emery (382)


  1. Lynsey Hay (500)

  2. Mairi Watts (499)

  3. Jennifer Newton (491)

  4. Jill Horsburgh (491)

  5. Alison Marshall (472)

  6. Lorna Simpson (393)

  7. Charlotte Moran (388)

  8. Laura Finlay (375)

  9. Rosemary Gallagher (286)

  10. Carolyn Walker (279)

Handicap standings:


  1. Martin Maginnis (500)

  2. Darren Dick (498)

  3. Paul Dudchenko (484)

  4. David Marshall (480)

  5. Roddy Simpson (479)

  6. Michael O’Hara (392)

  7. Kenny Gray (389)

  8. John Redding (383)

  9. Scott Hyslop (296)

  10. Paul Emery (293)


  1. Lynsey Hay (495)

  2. Jill Horsburgh (493)

  3. Jennifer Newton (492)

  4. Mairi Watts (491)

  5. Alison Marshall (486)

  6. Laura Finlay (399)

  7. Lorna Simpson (394)

  8. Charlotte Moran (393)

  9. Rosemary Gallagher (287)

  10. Karen Outram (194)

November Training Schedule

Here are our November plans as we launch head long into the mud of XC season!

All sessions meet at Low Port and start at 19.30 except for track nights which are at Grangemouth Stadium.

  • Thursday 1 November - Offroad tempo Run - Springfield Park

  • Tuesday 6 November - Track - shorter, faster reps (Frances)

  • Thursday 8 November - Springfield Road hills (David)

  • Thursday 15 November - Track - longer reps (Frances)

  • Thursday 22 November - Paarlauf at Bailielands (David)

  • Thursday 29 November - Handicap race, winter route (Alison)

Weekly Update: Jedburgh Half and 10k, Antonine Trail Race, Dublin & Frankfurt Marathons and Parkrun

From Jedburgh, to Croy, to Dublin and to Germany, it’s been a hugely successful week for Linlithgow Athletic Club members.

Jedburgh Running Festival

Martin Maginnis ran the Jedburgh Half Marathon on Sunday. Despite being battered by heavy rain and hail, Martin achieved a PB of 01:30:55 finishing 26th overall and 11th in his age category (M30). Jill Horsburgh was also at Jedburgh where she ran the 10k where she finished 15th woman and 1st FV50 in 49:50.

Antonine Trail Race

Also on Sunday, Bryan Grome ran the Antonine Trail Race, a tough, very hilly half marathon, twice up and down Croy Hill. Bryan finished in 2:24:53 on a cold but otherwise perfect day for running. 

Dublin and Frankfurt Marathons

We had four runners in Sunday’s Dublin Marathon. Charlotte Moran finished in 03:58:23, Katryna McLeod in 04:00:56, Carolyn Walker in 04:18:47 and Karen Outram in 03:51:16.

Finally on a busy Sunday, we had two runners in the Frankfurt Marathon. Jennifer Newton finished in 3:32:43, a superb 25 minutes faster than her previous PB, and Neil Anderson finished in 3:35:10.   It was a great race, well organised, flat and fast, with has a very rock-and-roll finish line inside the Festhalle.

Parkrun - Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Livingston and Nidda

It was also an action-packed Saturday at Parkruns.  Prior to running the Frankfurt Marathon, Neil Anderson found himself chasing two Romans at Nidda parkrun in Germany.  The centurion was celebrating her 100th parkrun and the foot soldier with her was on his 50th, but although beaten by the Romans, Neil finished in 25:39 and was the first MV50.  

Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson

Closer to home, we had, as ever, a good turnout at Falkirk where every Linlithgow runner achieved an age-category place. Kenny Gray ran 19:34 (1st VM40), Michael O’Hara ran 20:29 (2ndVM45), Malcolm Hughes ran 21:28 (1st VM55), Roddy Simpson ran 24:43 (2nd VM70) and Louisa Cockburn ran 24:55 (3rd VW35). Lorna Simpson was 1st Woman and set an all-Parkrun PB at Livingston of 21:33 and Ian Fyfe finished in 21:35 and Mandy Cazes  in 26:23 (1st SW30).  David Main-Reade ran Ruchill, Glasgow, in 22:56 (1st VM50). Graeme Wilkinson finished at Dunfermline in 23:02 (1st VM45).  At Edinburgh William Millar finished in 19:45 and Scott Cumming in 24:03.

Weekly Update: Cross Country season is back!

East District Cross Country League

Linlithgow Athletic Club had a great turnout at the first of the East District Cross Country League events at Stirling last Saturday.  Mild weather and not too muddy conditions made for some fast times.  Highest placed of the Linlithgow runners was young Andrew McGill in the under 15 boys category. Competing in a very strong field from across the country, Andrew came 6th in a time of 11:23.

There were three club athletes competing in the senior women’s race and despite not having a fourth team member to maximize points, the ladies team finished 18th overall, which was a great performance. First home for the club was Jennifer Newton in a time of 28:17, next was Jill Horsburgh in 31:8, closely followed by Alison Marshall in 31:59.

Last race of the afternoon was the senior men’s. The race was won by Alastair Hay (Central AC) in a time of 28:25.  Alastair recently won our local Linlithgow 10k race so is obviously having an excellent spell of form.  For Linlithgow Athletic Club, first home and getting into the top 50 of a class field, was John Redding in 33:32. Next club runner over the line was David Marshall in 37:10. The club had a full complement of six males running, thus maximizing team points. Third place for the club was Paul Dudchenko in 38:57; followed by Scott Hyslop in 40:31; Angus Gallie in 40:39 and Darren Dick in 45:30.  This team performance led to a 17th place in the men’s category.  This was a great team day out for the club with ten athletes in total competing.

Dramathon & Amsterdam Marathon

Also on Saturday, Laura Finlay ran the Dramathon Trail Half Marathon, from Tamdhu to Glenfiddich on Speyside,in 2:01:39.

On Sunday, Kathryn Holm ran the Amsterdam marathon in 4:02:03, cutting over seven minutes from her marathon PB - a great effort!

Parkruns - Aviemore, Elgin, Windy Nook, Dunfermline, Livingston and Falkirk!

There were also plenty of Linlithgow parkrunners on Saturday.  Lorna Simpson was at Aviemore which she finished in 22:08 (2nd woman overall and 1st VW40).  Gary Welsh ran Elgin in 22:28 (3rd VM40). Graeme Wilkinson completed Windy Nook in Northumberland in 24:12 (1st VM45).  Scott Cumming ran Dunfermline in 26:05. At Livingston William Millar finished in 20:25 (1st VM35), Frances Wood in 23:32 (3rd woman overall and 1st VW60) and Alex Wood in 27:16 (2nd VM65).  As usual our biggest turnout was at Falkirk where five Linlithgow AC runners finished, Ian Boxall in 20:59, Malcolm Hughes in 21:56 (2nd VM55), Roddy Simpson in 24:49 (2nd VM70), Louisa Cockburn in 24:54 (2nd VW35), and Bryan Grome in 28:32.

Weekly Update: Palma Marathon, Birmingham Great Run, Pentlands Skyline and Parkrun

Linlithgow Athletic Club athletes have had another great week, despite the efforts of the previous week’s 10K.

Palma Marathon

Neil Anderson ran the Palma marathon in Mallorca in 3:55:49, a two lap course along the sea-front, past the cathedral and through the shady streets in the city centre. 

Birmingham Great Run

Graeme Wilkinson hit the Half-Marathon scene on Sunday in the Great Birmingham Run which he finished in 1:52:48.

Pentlands Skyline

Again on Sunday, Laura Finlay finished the Pentland Skyline, 16 miles, with a total climb of 6,200 feet, in 5:13:00.

Parkrun - Livingston, Falkirk, Edinburgh and Arrow Valley!

The Club had runners at three local parkruns.  William Millar finished at Livingston in 20:38 (2nd MV35).  At Falkirk Michael O’Hara ran 20:47 (2nd MV45 and a new PB), Kenny Gray ran 21:05, Roddy Simpson ran 25:08 (2nd MV70) and Bryan Grome ran 27:35.  At Edinburgh, Scott Cumming completed in 23:55, Frances Wood in 23:57 (2nd FV60) and Alex Wood in 28:42.  Further afield, Graeme Wilkinson ran Arrow Valley in 23:07.

2018 Club Championship

Read the latest update and standings for this years club championship.