Club Championship Update - March

This weekend sees a regular on our Club Championship calendar in the Alloa Half Marathon and for some marks the start of the road running season. Good luck to all LAC athletes competing.

Since the National XC champs in February, a number of LAC athletes have been putting times down for marathons and half marathons and heading into Alloa, the current standings can be seen below. Spring marathon season is upon us so expect to see this change from race to race.

You can still can still share your best 10k or 5k time of 2018 to be included in the handicap competition (this applies to the same races but times adjusted for an individual’s pace). Remember there are prizes up for grabs.

The handicap standings will be updated after Alloa this weekend.

Championship standings as it stands:


  1. Martin Maginnis (198)

  2. Neil Anderson (187)

  3. John Redding (100)

  4. Michal Sroka (100)

  5. Ian Boxall (99)

  6. Paul Dudchenko (99)

  7. Malcolm Hughes (99)

  8. Kenny Gray (98)

  9. David Maine-Reade (98)

  10. Michael Watts (97)


  1. Rosemary Gallagher (195)

  2. Karen Outram (100)

  3. Marta Sroka (100)

  4. Mairi Watts (100)

  5. Lorna Simpson (99)

  6. Frances Wood (98)

  7. Mandy Cazes (97)

  8. Rebecca Evans (95)

  9. Alison Marshall (94)