Weekly Update: Mull, Peebles and Parkrun: Linlithgow Atrhletic Club Weekly Roundup

Linlithgow Athletic Club runners hit some great results over the last week.

Lynsey Hay had an excellent run in a windy Mull Half-Marathon on Saturday and finished 5th woman and 22nd overall (out of 137 finishers) in a new PB of 1:34:45.

Paul Dudchenko and David Mason headed to Peebles for a hilly double-header at the Cademuir Rollercoaster where they ran both the 3km/105m ascent and 6km/274m ascent courses, with a 10 minute gap between.  It was a 1/2 for Linlithgow in the 3km, which is part of the Junior Hill series.  In the 6km, David Mason finished in 34:09 (25th) and Paul Dudchenko in 35:08 (26th).  Flat out racing the in heat!  Another good day in the hills.


Paul Emery achieved an all-parkrun PB at the Albert parkrun in Middlesbrough, finishing in 20:25.  Lorna Simpson ran Livingston in 22:06 (3rd woman, 2nd VW40 and a Livingston PB).  Neil Anderson finished at Brighton and Hove in 22:53.  Jill Horsburgh ran Elgin in 25:02 (1st VW55).  At Edinburgh, William Millar completed in 20:08, Scott Cumming in 24:42 and Bev Dodgson in 34:43.  At Falkirk, Malcolm Hughes finished in 22:19 (2nd VM55), Jennifer Newton in 24:54 (2nd VW50) and Alex. Wood in 26:52.


Lynsey Hay.jpeg
David Mason & Paul Dudchenko.jpg