Round the Houses, Milan Marathon, Belvoir Half and Parkrun

The race of the week for Linlithgow Athletic Club runners was Sunday’s Round the Houses 10k in Grangemouth.  Despite eighteen Linlithgow athletes running there, there was an excellent club participation on Saturday at parkruns across the UK.

Parkrun - Leicester, Kingston, Northwich, Falkirk, Perth, and Edinburgh

Richard Wood finished at Leicester Victoria in 19:24 (3rd VM45), Neil Anderson ran Kingston in 20:22 (1st VM55) and Michael Watts finished Northwich in 23:00. 

There was a good turnout also at more local parkruns.  At Falkirk Kenny Gray completed in an excellent 19:39 (4th overall, and 1st VM40), Ian Boxall in 22:46, and Alex Wood in 28:08.  Jill Horsburgh finished at Livingston in 24:51 (1st VW55).  William Millar ran Perth in 20:24 (1st VM35) and at Edinburgh Malcolm Hughes completed in 21:27, Scott Cumming in 23:35 and Bev Dodgson in 32:51.

Milan Marathon and Belvoir Half marathon

On Sunday, Richard Wood ran the Belvoir half-marathon in 1:27:12.  At the same time three Linlithgow athletes ran the Milan Marathon.  Katryna McLeod and Charlotte Moran both finished in 4:26:28 and Carolyn Walker in 4:38:37.

Round the Houses 10k

Closer to home on Sunday, at Grangemouth, Lucas Welsh, one of our promising juniors, finished 7th the 2k.  In the senior race David Marshall was the first Linlithgow runner home, finishing in 35:58.  David McNish ran 39:12, Steven Laurie 39:30, Michael O’Hara 41:14, Lynsey Hay 42:11, William Millar 42:24, Martin Maginnis 42:35, Paul Emery 44:04, Neil Barnes 44:09, Gary Welsh 46:36, Kenny Leamy 47:24, Lorna Simpson 48:05, Roddy Simpson 48:49, Rosemary Gallagher 51:28, Jennifer Newton 53:28, Alison Marshall 54:02, Laura Finlay 54:05, Beverley Dodgson 1:10:50.