Foxlake Winter Series, Cambridge Boundary run, Gartmorn, Round the Grounds and Parkrun

Winter running

With the worst of the winter weather gradually coming to an end, Linlithgow Athletic Club members got back to running over the last week.   

Paul Dudchenko and David Mason had a fairly epic winter training run in the Pentlands on Saturday, starting at Bonaly, up Harbour Hill, then Bell's Hill but after that they had a bit of a white out moment on Black Hill. These were extremely challenging conditions, with high winds, still very deep snow and no footprints to follow or walk in! They managed to clock up 2 hours 45minutes running time, a good days training banked. Usually this page reports, races and organised timed runs but, as an inspiring message to us all, this is well worthy of mention.

Foxlake Winter Series

On Saturday Hannah Danson ran the last of the Winter 5k series at Foxlake as part of the Foxtrail trail series.  She was 6th lady, in a time of 27.46.  The brutal weather conditions meant it was super hard, windy, cold, really muddy and slippy.   It was a triumph simply not to fallen over! 

Parkrun - Edinburgh, Livingston, Cambridge

Several of our athletes also managed a parkrun this Saturday, after the cancellation, on the previous week, of almost every parkrun in Scotland.  William Millar ran Livingston in 21:25 (2nd VM35).  Neil Anderson returned to his University town and ran his 100th parkrun, slithering around in the mud and hopping the puddles, at Cambridge, in 25:12.  At Edinburgh, Malcom Hughes ran 22:19; Scott Cumming ran 24:39; and Bev Dodgson ran 34:08.

Cambridge Boundary Run

On Sunday Neil Anderson ran the Cambridge Boundary Run, the full marathon route around the outskirts of Cambridge, in 4:55. This delightfully low key event  attracts around 800 runners for the full and half distance and the entry fee of less than £15 gets you plenty of sustenance at the aid stations and a very shiny medal at the end.

Gartmorn 6 mile trail race

Jill Horsburgh completed the Gartmorn 6 mile trail race on Sunday, a great low key trail race around the Gartmorn Dam near Alloa. The day was overcast and it was very muddy underfoot for about half the 6 mile distance.  There was also a large patch of snow to be navigated.  Overall it was more cross-country than trail-race.  Given the conditions finishing in 84th place out of 197 runners in 50:05 was an excellent result. There was also a great spread afterwards

And lastly...

Lorna Simpson ran the Heriot Watt Round the Grounds 5k in 24:18 and was placed 36th and gave her new club vest its first outing.