Club Championship Update (November)

With a hectic weekend of marathon running last weekend and the first chance to put a time down at Falkirk parkrun this weekend, there have been some changes to the rankings in the 2018 Club Championship standings.

Championship and Handicap

Lynsey Hay is still sitting proud of both the championship and the handicap competition but Mairi Watts who, coming into some form has certainly closed the gap significantly. Looks like it may be a great battle next year between these two. Jennifer Newton with her fabulous marathon time in Frankfurt appears to have hauled herself up into a podium place. There are still podium spots to run for if you fancy a shot at Falkirk parkrun over the next 3 weekends.

David Marshall is still at the top of the men’s competition, however there are possibilities of that lead being surrendered should others put a fast parkrun time down in the next few weeks.

Martin Maginnis continues to go from strength to strength with a great half marathon run in Jedburgh and followed it up with a decent showing at parkrun this weekend. He seems to have the handicap competition wrapped up but can he hold onto that podium place in the championship. 

Parkrun points

Don’t forget you have 3 more opportunities to run Falkirk parkrun and score vital points in the month of November. You can run them all if you like, and I’ll make sure I use your best one.

Championship standings as it stands:


  1. David Marshall (496)

  2. Paul Dudchenko (489)

  3. Martin Maginnis (487)

  4. Darren Dick (472)

  5. Roddy Simpson (466)

  6. Scott Cumming (450)

  7. John Redding (400)

  8. Kenny Gray (391)

  9. Michael O’Hara (386)

  10. Paul Emery (382)


  1. Lynsey Hay (500)

  2. Mairi Watts (499)

  3. Jennifer Newton (491)

  4. Jill Horsburgh (491)

  5. Alison Marshall (472)

  6. Lorna Simpson (393)

  7. Charlotte Moran (388)

  8. Laura Finlay (375)

  9. Rosemary Gallagher (286)

  10. Carolyn Walker (279)

Handicap standings:


  1. Martin Maginnis (500)

  2. Darren Dick (498)

  3. Paul Dudchenko (484)

  4. David Marshall (480)

  5. Roddy Simpson (479)

  6. Michael O’Hara (392)

  7. Kenny Gray (389)

  8. John Redding (383)

  9. Scott Hyslop (296)

  10. Paul Emery (293)


  1. Lynsey Hay (495)

  2. Jill Horsburgh (493)

  3. Jennifer Newton (492)

  4. Mairi Watts (491)

  5. Alison Marshall (486)

  6. Laura Finlay (399)

  7. Lorna Simpson (394)

  8. Charlotte Moran (393)

  9. Rosemary Gallagher (287)

  10. Karen Outram (194)